Who are we?

The San Diego Living Building Challenge Collaborative
(or LBCC for short) is a group of volunteers focused on supporting International Living Future Institute's mission locally. Specifically, our mission includes:

1. Educating the local community about the Living Building Challenge and other sustainable rating systems.

2. Advocating for local policy changes to remove existing barriers to sustainable technologies and strategies.

3. Consulting on projects considering pursuit of the Living Building Challenge or its related certifications.

What have we done for you lately?

Our committee helped plan local building tours for the
Net Positive Energy + Water Conference in Feb. 2016 and kicked off our Net Positive Water Design Series in September 2016.

When is our next event?

Join us at our 2017 kick off happy hour!

Catch up with old friends and make new ones while discussing the Living Building Challenge certification system and ILFI network updates (drinks and light snacks will be provided). Register here!

Where can you find us?

Other than our next event, we meet once a month at the SDGBC office on the 1st or 2nd Monday. Reach out to us at lbcc@usgbc-sd.org and we'll make sure you know when and where!

Why should you care?

Because all of our activities provide opportunities for informal learning experiences and support the transformation of 
San Diego into a more sustainable community! Plus, they're fun!

Current Committee Officials

Collaborative Facilitator: Trevor Schatz

Collaborative Facilitator: John Ambert

Collaborative Ambassador: Peter Jacobson, exp

Collaborative Ambassador: Ravi Bajaj

Outreach: Wayne Longdon, San Diego H.E.R.S. Services

Last Updated: 8/24/2016

How can you get involved?

Come to our next meeting! E-mail lbcc@usgbc-sd.org to find out when and where. We're always looking for fellow sustainability-minded peers, hope to hear from you soon!

How can you support us?

Donate to the San Diego Green Building Council!

If you'd like to support the LBCC directly, send us an
e-mail and we will let you know about upcoming events seeking sponsorship. Thank you!


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