Green Assistance Program Projects

Since 2010, over 200 volunteers have participated on GAP projects!  With this enormous help from volunteers and sponsors, GAP has helped (7) nonprofit organizations green their operations and facilities.  4 of the 6 projects have achieved LEED certification, while 2 are currently pending certification. 

Check out the accomplishments from the Green Assistance Program below:

  • WorldBeat Cultural Center
    • LEED O+M v2009 Silver Certification
    • Awarded 58 Points
  • Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank
    • Feasibility Assessment 
    • Pending LEED O+M v4 Gold certification
  • Air and Space Museum
    • LEED O+M v2009 (under final review)
    • Pending 41 Points
  • Old Globe Theatre
    • LEED O+M v2009 Silver Certification
    • Awarded 51 Points
  • Federal Building
    • LEED O+M v2009 Silver Certification
    • Awarded 50 points
  • Museum of Man
    • LEED O+M v2009 Gold certification
    • Awarded 62 points
  • Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
    • LEED O+M v4 Feasibility Report

Thank You to Our Program Sponsor!


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