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The LEEDv4 Green Associate Credential
The LEEDv4 Green Associate exam is the primary green building professional credential offered by the GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute), demonstrating an understanding of LEED and green building core concepts, and the basics of LEED project management and implementation. The application and registration for the Green Associate exam is completed through the USGBC National website, while the exam is administered through Prometric Testing.  Once registered, you will be provided with a link to set your exam date through the Prometric webpage, entering your address to determine the nearest testing center.  There are no set times to take the exam, you can choose your exam date and time based on available time slots at your chosen Prometric location.
We have provided below a link to all of the primary references listed in the LEEDv4 Green Associate Candidate Handbook, where you can will find information ranging from expected roles and responsibilities of a Green Associate, to expected knowledge and task domains, to  administrative information about the exam.  A summary of the candidate handbook information can be found in this usgbc article, or associated short video.  The LEEDv4 Green Associate exam covers the new version of the new construction, existing buildings, and homes rating systems, with a section on project management and LEED implementation.
If we don't have a facilitated study group set for your preferred credential, please enter your information here. We will set dates and enable registration when we have 10 interested registrants for a specific credential.
LEEDv4 Primary References:

Additional Resources, including the LEEDv2009 Green Associate Primary References:
  • Syllabus & Assignment Sheet
  • Session 1 recording
  • Session 2 recording
  • Session 2 Exercise
  • Session 2 Quiz
Please note that all Primary Reference reading assignments are linked on this page above. Please contact with any additional questions or concerns.


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