Sun Harbor Marina




Building type:
Marina /Office
14,000 square feet
Harbor Drive, San Diego
May 2005
Date LEED® Certified:
June 2006
LEED® Rating:
LEED® Version:
April 2004

Sun Harbor Marina Partnership
Caitlin Kelley Architecture
Energy Consultant:
Sustainable Earth Enterprises
LEED® Consultant:
Drew George & Partners
Southland  Energy Consultants

Energy Efficiency Incentives:
SDG&E's Sustainable Communities Program
Energy  Efficiency:

East Building 41% better than Title 24
West Building 41% better than Title 24
Restaurant 12% better than Title 24
Construction Cost:
$4 million
Estimated Annual  Savings:
Other notables:
First LEED® Marina

LEED® Points

Sustainable Sites - 5
Water Efficiency - 2
Energy and Atmosphere - 9
Materials and Resources -05
Indoor Environmental Quality - 6
Innovation and Design - 4

Total - 26 out of 69 possible points

SDG&E Sustainable Communities Case Study

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